Single in San Diego? Easy ways to meet someone!

I don’t know if you’re looking for something casual or if you want a serious relationship with someone in San Diego, but there are lots of great ways to meet people. If you’re single in San Diego, there are numerous good options to connect with others, find dates and take them to great places, and to start either a long term relationship or have a fling.

There are beautiful beaches, three big universities and lots of community colleges, a great bar and club scene amazing food and a hip, young city atmosphere that combines Hipster, Hippee, Model and Student. Areas like Balboa Park or the university campuses are awesome places to find fun, single people! The beach culture, great parties, and beautiful people set San Diego apart as a great city for singles.

A coffee with a heart from a San Diego Cafe
San Diego is a fantastic place to be single.

In order to date successfully in San Diego, you’re going to have to take some chances and put yourself out there. There is a lot of competition, so be prepared to leave your comfort zone and to stretch yourself a little. There are many ways to meet potential dating partners in San Diego. If you’re somewhat traditional with regards to dating, you can meet people as friends of friends, by joining sports and social clubs or by taking part in more group activities. However, all of these things take time and a certain personality type. For those of us who are busy all the time or are a little bit reserved or introverted, the internet is probably the easiest, most effective way to meet people, regardless of whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or something more casual. Over the last couple of decades, an entire industry has develop around bringing couples together using the internet, in order to connect people with similar likes, attitudes and ideas.

San Diego is a near-perfect city for dating for many reasons:

  1. San Diego is a large, well-known city, so there is always something exciting going on. Whenever you go to different venues in various areas of San Diego and you’ll meet new people. 
  2. People living in San Diego are territorial. San Diego residents tend to return to places they like repeatedly, so if you hang out at the place you met someone you liked long enough, its likely you’ll get to see them again. 
  3. It’s always 70 degrees (21°C). The climate of San Diego is perfect for being outside all year round. No winter season means you’ll never have potential partners hibernating because of the cold or depressed because of the weather.
  4. There are always new people moving to and from San Diego in a steady stream. Due to the universities, the military bases, and the tourist attractions, there are always new people arriving to San Diego, which translates to a rich supply of new potential partners for you to meet.

How to meet someone in San Diego: The traditional way

A fancy white suit is perfect for a San Diego date
Dress well and show off your best assets on your San Diego date!

It really doesn’t matter where in San Diego that you live; there are lots of venues where you can meet new people. Your personality type and activities of interest should determine where you go to meet these people, but there a few easy things you can do to maximize your chances of finding someone you like:

  • Whatever you look like and regardless of your age, make the most of your best assets. Always look your best and be aware (and show off) your best features. Wherever possible try to draw attention away from your worst features, and accent your best parts.
  • Double check your personal hygiene. You’d be shocked at the amount of people who think they practice good personal hygiene but fail on an epic level. Shower regularly (at least once a day), and use a good antiperspirant under your arms. Use a cotton swab to get the gunk out of your belly button, and be sure you don’t have any other areas that smell ripe. People who don’t think they smell are often just so marinated in their own body odor that they don’t notice the unpleasant stink cloud around them. However, everyone around smells them from across the room.
  • Shower and use deodorant
    Make sure you bathe and use deodorant before your San Diego date.

    When using perfume or aftershave, do so sparingly! A choking cloud of scent surrounding you is the last thing you want.

  • Be confident. Your level of confidence makes a huge difference in how you are perceived. Try to exude confidence and to be friendly, relaxed and outgoing no matter what you’re doing or who you’re talking to.
  • Be passionate and express enthusiasm about your work, your leisure time and the people around you. Passion about your life is hot; negativity is not. Even when you’re talking about things that could easily be perceived as dull or dry, try to find the interesting side and be positive and passionate. 
  • Go our and do things as often as possible. Shut down the Playstation, turn off the television, stop binge watching Netflix and try to engage in activities that require social interaction preferably with single members of the opposite sex. Staying on your own, at home can be nice but you know that its not the best place connect for a relationship!
  • Don’t be afraid to show off! If you have amazing skills at something, be sure to bust them out to impress others. Do you have an amazing voice?  Hit a karaoke bar or join a choir where people can see that you are highly skilled. Are you an incredible actor? Become part of a theater group or go to (or even teach) an acting class. Even if you don’t have a lot of skill in these or any other areas its enough that you have interest in learning about them…taking courses or lessons about your interests is a really great way to meet others with similar interests.
  • Think twice before dating someone you work with! While you could find potential dating partners at work, you need to be really careful here! You have to see this person every day, and if things go poorly, you’ll be in a terrible situation. Even if things work our, seeing someone all the time isn’t good for any relationship.

Meeting Someone in San Diego: Online Dating

Internet dating in San Diego
Online dating is easy to sign up for and usually free for a basic account!

Our lives seem to get busier with each passing year. There is never enough time to do all the things you want and even if feels like things might be even more hectic in the future!  Meeting people takes a lot of time, and most of the people that you meet don’t seem to share your views, interests and world view.

So how do you meet someone? Online dating is one fantastic solution to for these issues. By answering a series of compatibility questions and completing an online profile, you can ‘pre-screen’ while you are busy, on holiday or at work and find people with similar interests, who can also read your profile and see if they are a possible match for you. Online dating has been around for decades now and there is no stigma associated with it. Most single person under 40 are part of an online dating network, due to the amazing advantages it offers for meeting more people, who are more likely to be interesting to you. Finding relationships using the internet works regardless of whether you want something casual or long-term, whether you’re a democrat or republican or whether you’re young or old. Even if you don’t think dating online is for you, the great thing is that you can’t really lose by trying it out. It’s free to sign up to see what its all about. You can shop for romance free of charge and if you still don’t think its your thing, cancel your account instead of upgrading it. An online dating profile certainly won’t decrease your chances of finding the person you’re looking for!

If you do decide to try online dating, there are lots of internet dating websites that serve the San Diego region. As the initial sign up for a basic account is free, its a good idea to open dating profiles with multiple sites. This will maximize your chances of meeting the right person.  If you find one dating site that you particularly like, you can upgrade from a free account to a paid account that comes with a lot more benefits.

I think the best general online dating site in San Diego is eHarmony.  The initial sign up is free and there are a huge number of members, providing you with loads of potential partners no matter what your tastes.  OKCupid is another general online dating site with a large volume of members. These sites have options to find both straight and gay relationships.

Now when you create your internet dating profile for San Diego, it’s really important to be truthful and to present yourself honestly. If you’re profile is full of lies and half-truths, then the people meeting you in person will be disappointed and feel deceived. Here is a little advice to keep in mind when creating your San Diego online dating profile:

  • Find profile picture for yourself that is accurate, but makes you look good.
  • Don’t be too wordy…successful dating profiles make powerful impact by being short and to the point.
  • Be certain your profile accurately reflects your desires and interests…
A beach in San Diego
San Diego has beautiful beaches, perfect for romantic walks.

Once you’ve either used the online dating websites in San Diego to meet someone or done it via the traditional route, there are lots of fantastic places in San Diego to take a date.

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