Great Places to Take Someone in San Diego

Beautiful san diego beach
Not every San Diego date has to be at the beach! Be creative!!

If you’re living or working in San Diego you already know that the day/evening at the beach and a romantic sunset makes a great date. You also know about the classices: dinner and/or a movie, a romantic walk, going to see a band or going dancing. I won’t rehash these traditional (but undeniably fun) dates. Instead, this post will talk about some other options where two people can go, talk, flirt and hopefully find a romantic adventure!

You’ll need to find something that both of you enjoy; I can’t stress this enough. Its always a good idea to focus on common interests in order to find a date venue that both of you will enjoy. Think about your interests and what you like to do on your own in your leisure time, and then try to pick something that your date might also find exciting.

Are you the co-ordinated, athletic type? Or perhaps a bit of a foodie? Maybe you love culture or other intellectual pursuits? Have a look at the ideas below and see if anything peaks your interest. If not, perhaps the ideas presented will spur you to new levels of creativity!

Sporty Ideas

Roller skating: Roller skating was big in the 70s and 80s and is making a comeback!  You don’t need to be a good, there’s a first time for everything, but you’ll find you’ll learn faster if you have some experience ice skating, roller blading or skiing. If not, falling down is all part of the fun! If your date thinks its a cool idea, check out  Skateworld (Linda Vista Road near Yum Yum Donuts). They have public skating sessions every day, except mondays. You’ll neet to pay admission and rent some roller skates there. Once you’re in the arena, there is a DJ playing and floor guards make sure everyone is safe. Get some knee and elbow pads if you bruise easily (and a helmet!).

Foam zone at Sky Zone
Check out the foam zone at Sky Zone.

Fly high!: Want to  bounce around and impress your date with some acrobatics? You should go to Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Chula Vista. One hour of trampolining will cost you $15. Leap into the ‘Foam Zone’ and or dunk a basketball in the ‘Sky Slam’. Feeling a bit more competitive? Challenge your partner to a game of ‘Ulitimate Dodgeball‘.  Check the place out with a Google Maps Tour – Skyzone!! You’ll need to sign a waiver, so please remember to be careful!

Go Kayaking: Want to get your date all wet? La Jolla Kayak has rental canoes, kayaks, and paddles to help you on your wayto explorespectacular Seven Caves by kayak. If you’d rather not paddle, they also rent snorkling gear so you can explore the local marine life or if you prefer dry land, bicycles for bike tours!

Foodie Ideas

Fondue deliciousness: If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, take your date to The Melting Pot, where you can try a range of fondue treats including cheese and chocolate. They have different date night options you can pre-book if you want something extra-romantic, and an awesome assortment of after dinner specialty coffees!

Sushi pieces in San Diego
Take your date to a couples cooking class in San Diego to spice things up!

Couples cooking class: Not content to just eat the food? Try making it together with your date at a cooking class at Hipcooks or Sushi-on-a-roll. What could be more erotic than you and your date touching and tasting your way to a delicous meal Want to skip the main course and go right to dessert? Take your date to a chocolate truffle making course at Dallmann Fine Chocolates, where you and your date will make delicious chocolates together, under the instruction of an expert chocolatier. 

Sexy Mixology: Maybe you’re more of a drinker than a foodie? How about learning to mix your own awesome cocktails at the super-hip, ultra-sexy SideBar. They hold a mixology class on the first Saturday of every month at 7pm. You’ll need to sign up in advance as space is limited!

Use your head!

Escape Room romance: Want to show off your problem solving skills? Try one of escape rooms in San Diego! You and your date (plus a few other people) will be locked in a room, with 60 minutes of various problem solving challenges and puzzles to reveal how to escape the room. Find clues, break codes and answer riddles to get out of the room before the timer expires. 

San Diego poetry slam date
Take your date to a poetry slam in San Diego to get a taste of culture.

Literary bonding: You can certainly take your date to see your favorite band, but if you want to do something a little different, and literature is up your alley, why not take them Queen Bee Poetry Slam or book reading/discusson/signing at Warwicks, San Diego’s oldest family owned and operated book store?

Museums galore: Maybe you want something a little quieter, to give the two of you a chance to chat to each other. Why not head to one of San Diego’s numerous museums? There are over 90 museums to suit people with all different interests…a great date night is for each of you to choose one and spend the date telling each other why you find the contents so interesting. You’ll learn a lot about each other!